Flowers, Potions & Perfumes!

Honey Bees and their room pet Cooper have been busy exploring flowers!

They were fascinated by the different scents & colours of the flowers.

They used different approaches including picking, mixing & mashing to create perfumes & potions!

Honey Bees also tested their fine motor skills to thread the follower stems through holes to make a beautiful flower arrangement.

World Book Day 2021

The children had a fantastic day for World Book Day. They took part in lots of story related activities and enjoyed reading their favourite stories inside and out. The children also enjoyed dressing up as their favourite story characters and we thought they looked brilliant! 

Healthy Eating

Today, our Busy Bees enjoyed taking part in a food and health eating activity. The children cut the vegetables and use cookbooks to talk about what they wanted to make with the food.

Fine Motor Skills

The children in our Worker Bees explored different senses and developed their fine motor skills during this activity scooping and pouring the potion into the potion tubes, using a range of tools.

We also played calming music using the Alexa and dimmed to lights to make it calm and relaxing.