Potion Making!

Some of our busy bees children had lots of fun creating their own potions.

There was lots of measuring and filling and emptying of containers.

They also enjoyed mixing different colours to create the colour they wanted for their potion and also added beautiful leaves and flowers for that extra special effect!

Master Chefs

In Busy Bees, Zahra’s group have been busy cooking up a storm today!

They each took turns to mix together their own ingredients for their individual dough to make pizza.

Each of them paid attention to the instructions and with Zahra’s help they did excellent measuring of each ingredient that they needed.

They were very excited to see how they turned out & to taste them at tea time!

Clean Beaches Week

Zahra’s group explored a beach themed tuff tray as part of clean beaches week.

They talked about the different objects they may find at the beach such as shells and seaweed and also talked about how we keep our beaches clean, such as taking our litter home.  They were fascinated to find that when they held a shell to their ear, it sounded like the sea!

Boogie Tots!!

Busy Bees were very excited to welcome Lou from Boogie Tots today!

They all had lots of fun and were very active following the dance moves to some of their favourite songs including ‘Baby shark’ and ‘Chi chi wa’.

Yoga Bears

We were so happy to welcome Laura from yoga bears back to the nursery for our first yoga session in a while!

We all introduced ourselves and talked about how we were feeling and then had lots of fun practicing our breathing techniques & perfecting the different poses that Laura showed us.

Fun in the Forest

We were so excited to attend forest school again!

We revisited the rules of the fire circle just to make sure we remembered!

Then we went on a nature hunt to find suitable resources to start making a den!

We compared the sizes of the different branches and sticks to decide which ones would be the best.