Flower Pot Sue

Today our children had their last Flower Pot Sue session for the season. Our children enjoyed the snail race, digging and planting bulbs and seeds. We will look forward to starting up again next season.

Children’s Committees Meeting

This week held children’s committees meeting. The children’s committees are going to meet monthly to discuss different matters.

Our children get to vote on some very important decisions and they also get to put forward some great ideas. This is all done over some milk and biscuits of course. This week we discussed what toys that the children would like to have in nursery. We also discussed food and what food could be added to the menu. Lastly, we discussed trips that our children would like to go on with their nursery friends.

It has been such a lovely way to start the week and we can’t wait to meet again.

International Day of Charity

Today our children took part in designing their own T-shirt followed by a sponsored dance session to raise Monday for the British Red Cross charity following “International day of charity”

The British Red Cross have set up an emergency fundraising appeal to help people suffering during the crisis in Afghanistan.

Learning About Design

Today we had a visit from Nancy’s Mum (a nursery parent) who uses photography as part of her job role. She allowed the children to explore her camera and use light trails to explore shapes and patterns in the air. She talked to the children about her job as a designer and explained about the type of things she designs.

Learning About Primary School

Mr Jones is a primary school teacher and spoke about lots of different things that the children will be doing when they go to school.

The children played listening games, read a story about starting school, looked at pictures of their new schools, talked about uniforms and looked at pictures of different lessons and activities that could take place in their new schools.

We asked the children yesterday to think of some questions that they would like to ask and here is what they came up with;
– Will I make new friends?
– What happens at lunch time?
– What do we do when it’s snack time in our class?
– What happens when we come into school?
– What happens when I go into year 1?
– Do we just play in school?
– Do we have a reading area in school?

The children are all very excited for their new adventure!