Staff Lunch at Honey Pot Wavertree today

As part of our staff well-being pedagogy we will be providing a staff lunch each month. Our well-being coordinators will cook a home cooked meal for all the staff to enjoy on their lunch.
Well done to Layla, our well-being coordinator at HP Wavertree for bringing this idea to our staff well-being pedagogy.

Jubilee Stay and Play

Yesterday at HP Wavertree, we had a Stay and Play session with the parents to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. The children had lots of fun sharing their nursery experiences with the people that matter most to them. Thank you to all the parents who could attend. It was a lovely afternoon had by all!

Flower Pot Sue

Today our children had their last Flower Pot Sue session for the season. Our children enjoyed the snail race, digging and planting bulbs and seeds. We will look forward to starting up again next season.

Children’s Committees Meeting

This week held children’s committees meeting. The children’s committees are going to meet monthly to discuss different matters.

Our children get to vote on some very important decisions and they also get to put forward some great ideas. This is all done over some milk and biscuits of course. This week we discussed what toys that the children would like to have in nursery. We also discussed food and what food could be added to the menu. Lastly, we discussed trips that our children would like to go on with their nursery friends.

It has been such a lovely way to start the week and we can’t wait to meet again.

International Day of Charity

Today our children took part in designing their own T-shirt followed by a sponsored dance session to raise Monday for the British Red Cross charity following “International day of charity”

The British Red Cross have set up an emergency fundraising appeal to help people suffering during the crisis in Afghanistan.