Spa Day

As a part of children’s mental health week, our Worker Bees children have been enjoying being pampered by the staff in Honey Pot’s spa!

The children enjoyed a relaxing foot soak in scented water & they were very keen to have a face mask, complete with cucumbers to soothe their tired eyes!

The children also enjoyed painting each other’s nails & helped the staff to make some delicious lemon & lime flavoured water.


As part of storytelling week, some of our pre-school children explored a themed tuff tray based on one of their favourite stories ‘Supertato!’

The children enjoyed acting out the story using the vegetables provided in the tuff tray, rescuing some of the vegetables that had been imprisoned by those evil peas!!

After the story, the children started to talk about the different types of vegetables that were in the story & in the tuff tray.  They talked about their differences & showed some excellent careful cutting skills as they cut them to see what they looked like inside.

Children’s Well-being Week

The children in busy bees and preschool have enjoyed smoothie making this morning to begin ‘Children’s Well-being Week’, they have explored different fruits including some new ones, learning new vocabulary and tasting these for the first time!

The children were very careful when cutting the fruits using hand eye co-ordination and a lot of concentration, they were very careful when putting them in the smoothie maker and watching as the fruit and milk mixed together to make their wonderful smoothies and the best bit was tasting them after, there were a lot of happy little faces!

Fruit Tasting & Smoothie Making

As part of children’s mental health week, our pre-school children have enjoyed exploring & tasting fruit today in a themed tuff tray.

They talked about the different textures of the fruit, about how they tasted (There were some funny faces pulled when it tasted sour!) & how they are good for us!

The children then carefully cut up the fruit & put all the ingredients they needed into a smoothie maker to make some healthy smoothies. The children all agreed that they tasted delicious!

What’s the Weather Today?

Leanne set up a lovely tuff tray relating to the weather after the children have shown so much interest in it.

The children enjoyed exploring the different weather log pieces & the rainbow rice & this prompted discussion about what the weather was like outside. One of the children saw it was cloudy & said “It’s gonna rain!”


Busy Bees love building at the moment!

The staff provided pictures of buildings that may have been familiar to the children & they used their own thinking & the blocks provided to create their own structures!

They were especially excited to find that some of the blocks had their favourite characters on them!