Our Curriculum and our Pedagogy

At Honey Pot Nurseries, we have a strong focus on child-initiated play and this enables us to plan in the moment when teachable moments arise.

A Curriculum is simply what we want children to learn.

Through our years of experience and drawing upon research, we know that children’s potential for learning is maximised when they are deeply and completely engaged in play. We work closely with parents to ensure that we regularly update them on what their children have been learning in nursery and their next stages of development. The EYFS is a play-based curriculum which is designed to ensure that children learn through play and to help guide practitioners observe, plan and assess children’s stages of development. We use children’s interests and stages of development to plan exciting, stimulating, and purposeful activities and experiences for the individual child. In September 2021, using the revised EYFS we built our own Honey Pot Curriculum, our Honey Pot Curriculum has the child in the centre, as the child is the centre of everything we do. We then have the seven areas of learning that are part of the Early Years Statutory Framework. We have then split the areas of learning into our own Honey Pot Aspects which includes what we want children to learn in each area of learning when they are babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers

Our pedagogy is how we teach children our curriculum.

At Honey Pot, we have a strong focus on child-initiated play, and this enables us to plan in the moment when teachable moments arise. We have a blended pedagogy where we have picked our favourite parts of different approaches. We follow the approaches of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Curiosity approach, Vygotsky and we also follow the planning in the moment and Forest School approach. Using these approaches, we have built our own Honey Pot Pedagogy
that all our staff follow when teaching your children.

A full copy of our pedagogy and our curriculum are available to all parents when they enrol.

At Honey Pot, We use an online learning application which all parents are required to download on their smart phone or devices. Through this application, parents receive regular photographs and videos of their child’s play, experiences, activities and social interactions with their peers. Information is sent to parents through this app about their learning, stages of development and next steps. We also use the app to remind parents about upcoming events in the nursery and send through important information such as the nursery newsletter etc.


NDNA Supporting staff well-being award
Winner 2022

ECO Schools Distinction Award 2022

Nursery World Award 2021
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2020
Nursery of the Year award – Winner

Nursery World Award 2020
Eco- friendly early years award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2019
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2019
Health and Well-Being Award – Finalist

NDNA – Team Development Award
Winner 2019

NDNA – Innovative Practice Award
Runner-up 2019

Nursery Recognition Award 2019
Nursery Group – Finalist

Millie’s Mark Award 2019
Childwall and Wavertree sites awarded

Time to Change Employer Pledge 2019
“Let’s end mental health discrimination”

Millie’s Mark Award 2018
Aigburth and Garston sites awarded

Nursery World Award 2018
Early Years Launch of the Year – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2018
Team Development – Highly Commended

Children’s Food Trust
Eat Better Do Better Award 2017

Outstanding Award

Nursery World Award 2017
Nursery Food Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2017
Team Development Award – Highly Commended

Nursery World Award 2016
Nursery Food Award – Finalist

Family Go Live Award 2016
Best Nursery in Liverpool – Finalist

Family Go Live Award 2012
Best Nursery in Liverpool – Winner


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