Outdoor Learning

At Honey Pot Nursery Group we acknowledge the crucial role of outdoor learning, we understand its significance for children to connect with the wider community and develop essential life skills. Beyond the classroom, numerous learning opportunities unfold in the great outdoors, and we place immense value on incorporating these experiences into our approach.


Our nurseries are well-equipped with our own electric minibuses, ensuring seamless planning of engaging outings for all children. These excursions are thoughtfully integrated into our Honey Pot Curriculum and are aligned with local community events. With six-seater prams available at all our nurseries, even our youngest ones can partake in delightful local walks and outings.
In our commitment to community involvement, we are actively building a special multigenerational connection with local care homes. This meaningful initiative stems from a past outing, where we not only observed the positive impact on care home residents but also recognized the invaluable learning opportunities it provided for all attending children.

Forest School

Every week the pre-school children go to Forest School. This is where they have the opportunity to explore the local woodland with our qualified Forest School leader. They travel to the set up site in the woods on the nursery minibus. The Forest School sessions support children’s holistic development through activities and experiences provided in the natural woodland environment. Forest School sessions run all year round where children can observe the changes in seasons and the effect it has on the woodland. There are occasional visitors to the site where children sometimes spot woodland animals such as squirrels and birds. These Forest School sessions are invaluable to children’s learning and development. During each session the children gather around the fire circle and talk about what they would like to do. Each session is unique and specifically designed for groups of children. The children engage in a range of activities of their own choosing. They like to climb the branches of an old fallen elder tree that is situated on the site. The children make bows and arrows using sticks and string, they also like to make swords too. They have the freedom and space to have races and play chasing games. Children can get creative by using mud, leaves and twigs to make funny faces on the tree trunks. They develop the skills they need to manage their own risk. They also develop an understanding of safety and keeping others safe. As children become skilled in managing their own risk they are supported to build swings using ropes on branches of the trees. The Forest School leader supports them to do this. Children have their meals and snacks on site too. They can toast brioche on the fire and the Forest School leader boils water to make hot chocolate. Children are taught how fire is used and how it can be used safely. Stories are read around the fire circle which often provides a seed idea for the session.! Shelters are put up when the weather is wet and children can wear waterproof forest school suits which are suitable for colder winter months. Children particularly enjoy this weather as they like to investigate water in a natural environment.

Outdoor play

In our dedication to providing a nurturing environment, each of our nurseries boasts dedicated gardens tailored to cater to various age groups. Ensuring a holistic experience, children of all ages have the opportunity to explore these outdoor spaces at least twice daily. Our approach encompasses a blend of child-initiated play and intentional teaching activities, fostering a dynamic outdoor learning environment. Equipped with ample space to engage in physical activities, our gardens serve as versatile settings for the multifaceted development of children. Recognising the paramount importance of outdoor experiences, we believe that time spent outdoors significantly contributes to various aspects of children’s development. Come rain or shine, we encourage outdoor exploration. Safeguarding the well-being of our little ones, we prioritise safe outdoor activities in all weather conditions, understanding the profound impact outdoor engagement has on their growth and overall development.


Eco Schools Award 2024 - Finalist

Nursery World Award 2024
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2024
Health and Wellbeing Award – Finalist

NDNA Supporting staff well-being award
Winner 2022

ECO Schools Distinction Award 2022

Nursery World Award 2021
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2020
Nursery of the Year award – Winner

Nursery World Award 2020
Eco- friendly early years award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2019
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2019
Health and Well-Being Award – Finalist

NDNA – Team Development Award
Winner 2019

NDNA – Innovative Practice Award
Runner-up 2019

Nursery Recognition Award 2019
Nursery Group – Finalist

Millie’s Mark Award 2019
Childwall and Wavertree sites awarded

Time to Change Employer Pledge 2019
“Let’s end mental health discrimination”

Millie’s Mark Award 2018
Aigburth and Garston sites awarded

Nursery World Award 2018
Early Years Launch of the Year – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2018
Team Development – Highly Commended

Children’s Food Trust
Eat Better Do Better Award 2017

Outstanding Award

Nursery World Award 2017
Nursery Food Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2017
Team Development Award – Highly Commended

Nursery World Award 2016
Nursery Food Award – Finalist

Family Go Live Award 2016
Best Nursery in Liverpool – Finalist

Family Go Live Award 2012
Best Nursery in Liverpool – Winner


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