The Nursery Day

 The nursery doors open at 8am, children tend to arrive between 8-9am. Upon arrival, children/parents will hang up their coats and bags on their child’s peg and the child will be offered cereal up until 9am when assorted toasted items and fruit are served. Once the children have finished breakfast, the real fun starts. Children will take part in a variety of activities alongside their key person and friends. The nursery environment is thoughtfully arranged and enhanced so that children can choose to either initiate their own play or participate in planned activities to engage in learning.

Between 11.15am-12noon (depending on the age group of the child) lunch is served. Children eat alongside their peers and staff and enjoy healthy, balanced meals. Some children may require a sleep after lunch. We liaise with parents upon the settling in periods to establish what sleep routines a child has and we will then accommodate this in nursery. We find that after some time attending nursery, children tend to fall into a similar sleeping pattern to their peers. The lights are dimmed, and soothing music is played to encourage sleep. Children have their own designated sleep mat and bedding and any comfort items from home will be offered to children at this point.

In the afternoon, once again children will participate in a variety of activities/ experiences which are thoughtfully prepared by our skilled staff to facilitate learning. Children are encouraged to access the outdoors frequently throughout the day (see outdoors section for more info) and will also participate in some pre-planned activities such as football sessions, dance sessions, and yoga.

Snacks will be offered to children around 1.30pm and then high tea served around 3.30pm. Tea should not be considered a substitute for an evening meal at home as children will still require their evening meal after nursery.

You can drop off/ collect your child at any time during the day however children tend to begin to be collected from 4.30pm onwards. The nursery closes for the day at 6pm but parents should endeavour to arrive no later than 5.50pm in order to allow time for a handover with staff. A daily diary will be published for each child under the age of 3 so that parents can refer back to it once home.


NDNA Supporting staff well-being award
Winner 2022

ECO Schools Distinction Award 2022

Nursery World Award 2021
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2020
Nursery of the Year award – Winner

Nursery World Award 2020
Eco- friendly early years award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2019
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2019
Health and Well-Being Award – Finalist

NDNA – Team Development Award
Winner 2019

NDNA – Innovative Practice Award
Runner-up 2019

Nursery Recognition Award 2019
Nursery Group – Finalist

Millie’s Mark Award 2019
Childwall and Wavertree sites awarded

Time to Change Employer Pledge 2019
“Let’s end mental health discrimination”

Millie’s Mark Award 2018
Aigburth and Garston sites awarded

Nursery World Award 2018
Early Years Launch of the Year – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2018
Team Development – Highly Commended

Children’s Food Trust
Eat Better Do Better Award 2017

Outstanding Award

Nursery World Award 2017
Nursery Food Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2017
Team Development Award – Highly Commended

Nursery World Award 2016
Nursery Food Award – Finalist

Family Go Live Award 2016
Best Nursery in Liverpool – Finalist

Family Go Live Award 2012
Best Nursery in Liverpool – Winner


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