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Wavertree Nursery

Honey Pot Wavertree is a large two storey building which opened its doors in 2017. It is situated in the heart of Wavertree, just off the high street in Liverpool. The building used to be The Presbytery and Parish Club of Our Lady of Good Help church.

The children have access to five play rooms, large communal areas including a sensory room and access to three gardens. The main garden has a climbing apparatus, large and small construction items, story den, creative station, a stage, bikes and mechanic role play area, mud kitchen, allotment and a water area.

Opening times

The nursery is open Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm. Morning sessions run from 8am until 1pm and afternoon sessions run from 1pm until 6pm. The nursery is closed on weekends and bank holidays. The nursery also closes at 1pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve where they fall on a weekday.

Contact details:

Our landline number is: 0151 305 2022
Our mobile number is: 07903642969
Email: [email protected]


The nursery is managed by Lisa. Lisa has worked for the company for 12 years and first became a manager in 2014 where she managed our Childwall site. Lisa came over to Wavertree when we opened in 2017 and has managed the nursery ever since. Lisa has a Level 3 in Childcare, she undertook further study in leadership and management and gained a higher level qualification. Lisa has worked in Childcare for 13 years and has a wealth of experience in the sector.

The Wavertree staff team consists of 29 staff who work across five play rooms. Each room has a room leader who is highly experienced and run the room to an exceptional standard. The manager is supported by a supernumerary Deputy Manager / Early Years Teacher to assist her with the running of the nursery. We also have a nursery SENCO and Behaviour co- Ordinator who has a specific qualification in working with children with SEND and who works directly with the staff and the children. We also have a Health and Safety Co-ordinator, ECO co-ordinator, Equality co-ordinator, Literacy Champion and Maths Champion.

Play Rooms

Bumble Bees

Is one of two baby rooms which caters for children aged 0 –1 years. The room has access to a separate milk kitchen and nappy changing area. The room leads directly onto the baby garden to allow free flow access to provide indoor/outdoor play.

Honey Bees

Is our second baby room which caters for children aged between 1– 2 years. The room has its own nappy changing area and also leads directly onto our baby garden to allow free flow access to provide indoor/outdoor play.

Busy Bees

This room is the toddler room and caters for children aged 2 – 3years. This room has its own nappy changing room and has facilities to support children who are potty training. The toddler room leads directly to their own toddler garden to allow free flow access to provide indoor/outdoor play. The garden has its very own mud kitchen, sand pit, construction area and reading area.

Worker Bees

This room is the pre–school room catering for children aged 3 –5 years. This room also has a nappy changing facility and chid sized toilets which children are encouraged to use independently. This room is separated into three sections, one section is more cosy and the other two allow for messier, creative play.

The Bee Hive

This is our second Pre-school room that caters for children aged 3-5 years. This room also has nappy changing facilities and child-size toilets which children are encouraged to use independently. This room also is set out so that children have quieter cosier zones and areas to be louder, messier and more creative.


In addition to the five play rooms the nursery offers communal spaces for the children to enjoy. The sensory room offers multisensory experiences for children in a space that is calming and relaxing for small groups of children. The small world and block play area offers opportunity to engage in construction and imaginative play. Younger children can access the communal space dedicated to heuristic play where they explore natural open-ended resources. Children also use the library where they have access to puppets and props to help them expand on their love of books. Children can take part in story scribing sessions where they make up their own stories and allow the adults to write it for them.

The children also enjoy exploring the pirate ship, where they engage in imaginative play. The children have access to mark making resources to create their very own works of art. They can role play using the wooden pirate ship, in the past the pirate ship has been a ship, a rocket, a bus, a race car, a house or anything else the children imagine.


All of our outdoor areas have been redeveloped to incorporate natural resources and physical development in outdoor play. Flowerpot Sue comes in weekly to plant and grow different plants and vegetables with the children in our allotment. The main garden has a separate mud kitchen and potion station which the children have access to whenever they are outdoors. The children access the outdoor environment morning and afternoon, rain or shine.

We have our own minibus that allows us to take children on trips further afield and takes children to forest school lessons weekly.

Here at Honey Pot Wavertree, we have a large garden area to the back of the building, as well as an additional baby garden and toddler garden. This allows children of all ages to have access to the garden in a safe environment during the day. The garden supports all seven areas of learning, so there are opportunities for the children to develop their social and emotional resilience, grow and develop physically and experience a language rich environment. It allows children to develop their literacy skills as they read stories in the cosy den or make marks in the mud kitchen. It also allows children to develop their number skills as they park their bike in the correct space, measure which bucket of water is heavier, count how many spoons of mud they need to fill their bowl and use different blocks to build their own arrangements and constructions. The garden therefore, allows for holistic learning and is incredibly valuable to children, that is why we have such an emphasis on providing the children with outdoor learning every day.

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