Menus and Nutrition

At Honey Pot, one of our main priorities is ensuring that we provide a healthy balanced diet for all of the children in our care.

Menus and Nutrition

We are fortunate enough to employ a food and nutrition manager. His name is Michael and he is a qualified and experienced chef. Michael spent 12 years working in top end restaurants around Liverpool where he and his team won a variety of awards and accolades. In early 2013, Michael’s eldest child (whom he shares with nursery director Jenna Geggie) had started attending Honey Pot Nursery. Michael realised his passion for child nutrition and came on board in March 2013 in the capacity of food and nutrition manager. Michael identified that there was room for improvement in the nursery menus and that they were not as balanced and nutritious as they could be. Michael worked tirelessly devising a menu which was healthy, balanced and nutritious for children. He was passionate about ensuring that children receive at least five daily portions of fruit and vegetables whilst at nursery. Michael’s menu was submitted to and scrutinised by the Children’s Food Trust who awarded the nursery the highest accolade of ‘outstanding’ in their ‘eat better, do better’ award.

Michael worked on training each of the nursery chefs, showing them new techniques and specifications for each dish on the menu. Michael’s menus are changed biannually to reflect seasonality of produce and to ensure variety for children. Michael regularly meets with each of the nursery’s chefs and ensures that meals meet his specifications. Michael has also made some online videos which showcase how parents at home can recreate some popular dishes on the menu.

As an eco-school, we are committed to ensuring minimal food waste and so any left-over portions are divided up into recyclable containers and are given to any parent who wishes to take a meal home with them. Donations from parents for any meals taken are given to a charity which produces meals for homeless people.

Below is a sample menu from our Autumn/Winter Menu.


Eco Schools Award 2024 - Finalist

Nursery World Award 2024
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2024
Health and Wellbeing Award – Finalist

NDNA Supporting staff well-being award
Winner 2022

ECO Schools Distinction Award 2022

Nursery World Award 2021
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2020
Nursery of the Year award – Winner

Nursery World Award 2020
Eco- friendly early years award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2019
Team Development Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2019
Health and Well-Being Award – Finalist

NDNA – Team Development Award
Winner 2019

NDNA – Innovative Practice Award
Runner-up 2019

Nursery Recognition Award 2019
Nursery Group – Finalist

Millie’s Mark Award 2019
Childwall and Wavertree sites awarded

Time to Change Employer Pledge 2019
“Let’s end mental health discrimination”

Millie’s Mark Award 2018
Aigburth and Garston sites awarded

Nursery World Award 2018
Early Years Launch of the Year – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2018
Team Development – Highly Commended

Children’s Food Trust
Eat Better Do Better Award 2017

Outstanding Award

Nursery World Award 2017
Nursery Food Award – Finalist

Nursery World Award 2017
Team Development Award – Highly Commended

Nursery World Award 2016
Nursery Food Award – Finalist

Family Go Live Award 2016
Best Nursery in Liverpool – Finalist

Family Go Live Award 2012
Best Nursery in Liverpool – Winner


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