Fun in the Forest

We were so excited to attend forest school again!

We revisited the rules of the fire circle just to make sure we remembered!

Then we went on a nature hunt to find suitable resources to start making a den!

We compared the sizes of the different branches and sticks to decide which ones would be the best.


Busy Bees enjoyed their very own yoga session.

They practiced relaxing breathing techniques and did an excellent job at mastering some of the popular yoga poses!

Stretchy Slime!

In Busy bees, Zahra’s bubble had lots of fun making slime & getting creative with it.

They were amazed how much they could stretch it!

They also enjoyed creating patterns in the slime by moulding it & using different tools to make marks.

A Bear Who Went To The Moon

Today Andy’s bubble read ‘whatever next’ this is a story about a bear who went to the moon. He built his own rocket and used a colander for his safety equipment. One of our preschool children said, “I would love to build a rocket and go to the moon” and that is exactly what they did. Our children decorated their rocket and added balloons to help it fly. They found colanders in the home corner and used it for this safety helmet (just like Bear)

Fun in the Sun in Garston

Our children have enjoyed lots of fun in the sun, they took part in shadow drawing, water play, riding bikes and they enjoyed a delicious health picnic in the garden.